holy shit, this one girl who i've only talked to a couple time
on Instagram just messaged me saying she's gonna go to a meeting
with the guy Wes Anderson goes to for his soundtracks, (as well as
a bunch of other directors) and she put some of my songs on the
list of songs she's gonna show him!! AHHHHHH this is so crazy, even
if my song isn't in a big movie, the fact that someone would put
my music on that kind of list is insane to me.

nothing else is that new, i want to work on a movie with my friend
and we're planning ideas now, so that's fun. i'm wrapping up my album
too! i've worked super hard on it and i have most of the song ideas
together already, so now i have to finish them and mix them and all
that junk haha. i'm so excited for it to finally be out!!!!

MY EARBUDS OUT IN THE CARRRRR :( i'm so upset by this ughhhhhhhhhgh
I'll listen when I get home and give my review them. wait actually
I'll listen in my car since i have my aux cord in there!! im so excited
literally all of the singles he's dropped for the album have been pretty
good so i'm excited to hear what more he has 2 offer omggg

11:34 - hfosdbfjsd my friend gave me his earbudssszzz lets gooooo

got home from playlist on sunday night finally. it was fun to hang
out with my friends (and some new people) but the convention itself
was so scary cause there was no security and it was so crowded
everyone was super overwhelmed while we were there, so at least
we had time to settle down at our airbnbs.

kombucha girl thought my microphone was a dildo lol that was funny

yesterday was fun! i went to IHOP and got free pancakes lol, there
was a cute waiter who served us. my friend told me i should tell him
he's cute on the receipt, so i wrote "ur cute lol :)" on it and we
dipped. i'm never going into that IHOP again though, i'm too scared
to see him working haha. maybe i can dye my hair back to brown and
then he won't recognize me again lmaoooo

i'm going to playlist in 2 days! i'm gonna see all my friends there
and hang out with some other cool people :) i've been waiting since
xmas so it's nice that it's finally here! i'm kinda glad i'm not famous
because i'm bad at talking to people, especially strangers, and small
talk is my greatest weakness. i'm excited to DJ at my friend's party
too! i'm getting more into making and performing DJ sets, it's super fun!

i've been making a lot of remixes lately, and I've realized that I
like the beats i make for remixes better than the beats i make for
myself sometimes. maybe i should make remixes but then remove the
vocals from the remix and just use it for my song :0

i've also been working on this website a lot, especially at school,
i'm keeping up with my schoolwork though lol. seeing everyone else's
websites intimidates me since i'll make mine as cool as their's but
i'll still try to make this as cool as possible!

i’m not that sure what to write here since i've never done 
a journal type thing before lmao, i guess this is just a place
to vent or something? i don't like telling people about my
emotions though so i'll just talk about random stuff here

i saw a video yesterday of an octopus on the ocean floor that
found a coconut shell and used it for transportation and protection
and i was like "holy shit" cause it knows what a tool is. humans
have always thought that we're smart cause we knows how to use tools
but now that other animals can, then what's our hierarchy? what can
we do that animals can't? build phones or something? i think we
think that we're smart because of all the gadgets and shortcuts we've
built but what's stopping octopuses from doing the same?